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[IMPORTANT] Introduction of the OKAPI Developer Portal

Soon we will take the next step in our API development journey by introducing the OKAPI Developer Portal. The Portal will allow you to self-enroll and self-manage your OKAPI account. In the short transition phase all OKAPI users will be asked to sign up for the new portal and create new credentials. If you want to keep up-to-date and don’t miss the transition please send us an E-Mail with the subject ‘OKAPI Developer Portal’ and we include you in the mailing.


New design of guide and support section on website

We are pleased to inform you that we have revised our website. The guide has been restructured and the release notes have a new home. They are now located under the What's New section.

Furthermore, we are happy to announce that we have created a separate section for support. From now on use the predefined support form in case you need help.


A whole bunch of new functionalities

We are happy to announce that we have completed a major change in infrastructure which allows us to provide you with a series of new functionalities (api 3.1.0). These include multiple product data sets (product_data_key), multiple description languages (language_code) and a vehicle garage functionality (marketing_code). Details and a full list of the new stuff can be found in the release notes and in the swagger.


Full deprecation of API Version 2

As announced previously the API Version 2 has reached its end of support on 31.03.2020. We would like to inform you that on 04.05.2020 all V2 endpoints will be completely disabled and responses to these endpoints will return an error. This is the final phase of migration to the API Version 3.


New features soon to come & end of support for V2

Time is flying and the support for V2 has now come to an end while new features are in the starting blocks. Despite the difficult circumstance caused by COVID-19 the development is in full progress. If you are interested what’s soon to come check the *** COMING SOON *** sections in the swagger.


Release of API Version 3

The work on API Version 3 has now been finalized.  So don’t lose time and migrate your service as soon as possible. Support of Version 2 will end on March 31st. All upcoming new features will only be made available in V3.


Extended technical information now available

It’s now possible to get additional technical attributes (e.g. dimensions, weights or performance data) for your distinct configuration. You can retrieve this data via the order endpoint. Details can be found in the swagger.


API Version 3 soon to come

We are currently working on a new version 3 of OKAPI and you can now already watch it growing in the new V3 (under construction) section of the swagger documentation. Every endpoint will be published once it’s V3-ready (e.g. in the last release we already included the V3 catalog).
The new version will contain API breaking changes and will go live in January 2020 . The biggest change will be the possibility to make request also with our internal PR-Nr. instead of just UUIDs. In order to give you enough time to migrate we will keep V2 up and running until March 31st 2020 . After only V3 will be available!


New configuration features

The newest version of OKAPI (api 2.8.0) includes new valuable features around the configuration of a vehicle. You can now retrieve up to five solutions for a given configuration in order to make it distinct. In addition, we came up with extensions around prices. It's now possible to get configuration based prices. You can also set a maximum price for a configuration beforehand so that options which would conclude to a configuration above this limit are filtered out. For more details check out the release notes and the specification.


More transparency thanks to release notes

For the close companions amongst you there is now a section on the website where you can get more detailed information on the latest developments. So check the latest release notes.


Enrichment of the product data

With the latest version 2.6.0 OKAPI will provide much more information on type and option level. The responses contain now not only more context information (e.g. base type, legacy id, salesGroup) but also additional attributes (e.g. prices). For details please have a look at the swagger.


WLTP spans now available

It is now possible to get WLTP spans at the level of a type. This gives you the opportunity to get WLTP min and max values for a type before even starting with a configuration. For more information please have a look at our API docs.


Naming things...

It`s always hard to find the right name, especially when you want to find things later on. Now that we introduced uuid's on all entities, things can be identified uniquely. If you need to map your structure to the uuids take a look at how we create uuids.


Supporting the amag at the #HACKZURICH 18

From the 14th to th 16th of September we will be providing okapi as a case for the #HACKZURICH. The amag Suisse gives us the opportunity to expose our API to all the hack participants. For more information visit amag/vw hack Zurich.
We are curious about your feedback and hope to see you in Zurich.


v0.2 and the iterative configuration is out!
Configure on the fly!

With our new configuration endpoint you are now able to configure VW AG models on the fly. With the new config-ID you are able to start configurations, pause and continue at a later stage. The iterative configuration will consider all valid and invalid selectables, taking your current configuration into account. With relational links you are able to request WLTP values directly out of a configuration ID. With v0.2 we slightly changed the structure of the requests, please read the documentation to get detailed information about the API.


v0.1 starting with product data and wltp values

With the catalog endpoints we are providing access to the latest product data of the VW Group.
Our beta phase starts with the markets Switzerland and Great Britain and data for Audi and Volkswagen passenger cars. Additionally we offer resources that enable you to check the buildability of a given configuration as well as the option to retrieve WLTP and NEDC values.

Release Notes

- [COMING SOON] New Endpoint: Language for brand and improved error message

  • Improvement: Error message on operation/wltp decide between not buildable and not distinct [OK-684]
  • New endpoint: /catalog/brands/language returns all language codes for given brand and country [OK-1090]

2021-11-16 - Added content in options and performance improvements

  • Added content: is_standard identifies local options as standard options [OK-2293]
  • Improvement: Response time for /solve and /solutions reduced [OK-2281]
  • Improvement: Response time for GET and POST /base_configuration endpoins reduced [OK-2286]

2021-11-02 - Small bugfixes

  • Bugfix: Ignore empty fields and object in catalog/types endpoints when fetching extension replacements [OK-2290]

2021-10-19 - Enrich response for MOAPI marketing code endpoints

  • MOAPI: Enrich responses with FZS option if avaiable in "WLTP by marketing code" requests [OK-2162]

2021-10-05 - New content: lastUpdateTimestamp

  • New content: lastUpdateTimestamp as UNIX-Timestamp [OK-2135]

2021-09-21 - Bugfix in GET marketing_code

  • Bugfix: return old options in remove features & when type is healed add new modelyear in added options [OK-2097]

2021-09-07 - v3 Swagger now on website

  • Improvement: Swagger endpoint and swagger-doc on website are available in format openapi 3.0 [OK-2066]

2021-08-24 - New endpoints /brands and /brands/{brand}/countries

  • Added content: /configure with query optional_informations to filter forced and optional informations [OK-1610]
  • Added content: Sorting sequence row_number for TYPES [OK-1097]
  • Bugfix: GET /marketing_code returns now modelyear in options list and prices are displayed correctly [OK-2060]
  • New services: GET /brands and GET /brand/{brand}/countries [OK-1517]

2021-08-10 - New content in /configure and /wltp

  • Added content: /wltp returns coc_nr, vehicle_class and vehicle_high in response [OK-1989]
  • Added feature: /configure can be filtered with different categories [OK-1473]

2021-07-27 - New content in /order, several bugfixes

  • Bugfix internal endpoint feasibility: Added support of custom conditions one_of and none_of [OK-1916]
  • Bugfix: packet_content does not contain empty fields any more [OK-1932]
  • New content: classification and is_paket for packet content only visible for ISET option and packets [OK-1924]
  • New content: efficiency data includes wltp values on endpoint /order [OK-1895]

2021-07-13 - New content in /wltp and /marketing_code

  • Added feature: Loading SEAT marketing codes from official SEAT website [OK-1880]
  • Added information: new field ip_family on endpoint /wltp [OK-1882]

2021-06-29 - New internal service

  • New internal service: /combinations using a feasability matrix [OK-1612]

2021-06-15 - Bugfix in /order

  • Bugfix: Suppress error code in /order when the list of secondary attributes is empty [OK-1831]

2021-06-01 - Changes in /order, several bugfixes

  • Add content: merge extended_with and extended_order on /operation/order [OK-1308]
  • Bugfix: /catalog no longer provides options/types without price, if so requested by the data owner [OK-1803]
  • Bugfix: remove wrong classification of options in packet content [OK-1788]

2021-05-18 - A minor bugfix

  • Change number value response format in technical data. Decimals will be truncated and not displayed if there are no trailing decimals [OK-1823]

2021-05-04 - New content in /order

  • Added content to order endpoint: new query extended_with=efficiency_data [OK-1688]
  • Bugfix: Added missing last update timestamp when nothing has changed [OK-1741]
  • New endpoint base_configuration for TYPE with model year [OK-1238]

2021-04-20 - Minor bugfixes

  • Bugfix: /solutions - providing correct classification "LOCAL_EQUIPMENT" in case of invisible features [OK-1655]
  • Bugfix: /solutions will now return the found model when the given configuration is just missing the MODEL [OK-1483]

2021-04-06 - New content in /configure

  • Bugfix: OKAPI returns correct error message when the given Product Data Key doesn't have any data [OK-1608]
  • new content: options becomes new flag "is_visible" on /configure [OK-1435]

2021-03-23 - New query content

  • Added content to types catalog endpoints: new query possible_extension_replacements [OK-185]

2021-03-09 - Further performance improvements

  • Bugfix: MODELYEAR is no longer missing in response of endpoint GET /operation/marketing_code [OK-1588]
  • Optimization of catalog and operations endpoints [OK-1595]

2021-02-09 - Performance improvement

  • First steps towards optimization of OKAPI response time [OK-1515]

2021-01-26 - A minor bugfix

  • Bugfix: Invalid values in the request body returned a wrong error code 503 instead of a 400 bad request. [OK-1223]

2021-01-12 - Bugfix and new feature

  • /solve: new query parameter nice_to_have [OK-1274]
  • Bugfix: add okapi price type at /solutions [OK-1292]

2020-12-15 - Additional content for order endpoint

  • Added content to order endpoint: new query extended_with for e.g. technical_attributes [OK-159]

2020-12-01 - The release with filter attributes and pictures for options

  • Added content: catalog endpoints return static pictures for options (upon availability) [OK-896]
  • Added content: config and catalog endpoint responses contain filter attributes as tags [OK-272]
  • Added content: TYPEs tagGroups enhanced with TYPE description text elements [OK-897]

2020-11-17 - New multimedia information

  • /solutions: new query parameter nice_to_have [OK-1267]
  • Added content: base_configuration for multiple TYPES [OK-1150]
  • Added content: Forced multimedia information from mediabase ("Zwangsmultimedia") [OK-895]
  • Added content: solutions and marketing_code endpoints handle the query parameter extended_with [OK-1158]

2020-10-07 - The release with a new endpoint

  • Bugfix: Solutions returns an error for a request with multiple types [OK-1136]
  • New endpoint base_configuration for a TYPE [OK-998]

2020-09-22 - Added information for spider code matching (classification for paket content)

  • Added content: option classification for packet_content [OK-1068]
  • Bugfix: Preferred options are no longer returned as addOptions in the solutions response when they are selected as noneOf option as well [OK-1115]

2020-09-08 - More transparency for WLTP spans and prices

  • Added content: if no WLTP span is available for a type a warning message is given out [OK-958]
  • Allow for differentiation between zero price and no price [OK-997]
  • Bugfix: /solution with distinct=true is considering meta options (e.g. SALESGROUP) in deselect array [OK-1091]
  • Swagger change: fetch marketingCode only supported for codes generated by OKAPI (all brands) or externally generated codes from VW and VW CV [OK-1099]

2020-09-01 - Huge changes in infrastructure

  • /check /wltp /order /images /marketing_code respects maximum_price [OK-698]
  • /images: brand SEAT added [OK-831]
  • /language: added description in response [OK-718]
  • /optimize check for a configuration with a better price (depends on combined prices) [OK-682]
  • /order: added query parameter extended_order=true [OK-857]
  • /solutions endpoint doesn't heal TYPEs and/or BASETYPEs that doesn't belong to the given MODEL [OK-708]
  • Activate OR conjunction in configuration (non-distinct domains are currently too complex) [OK-271]
  • Added config content: classification of options differs LOCAL_EQUIPMENT(ISET), STANDARD_EQUIPMENT and OPTIONAL_EQUIPMENT [OK-737]
  • Added content: /order also provides STANDARD_EQUIPMENT for an order [OK-456]
  • Added content: differ between ISET options and ISET packets (is_packet) [OK-797]
  • Added content: response language code to each object [OK-724]
  • Added product data status information to the header (catalog): x-brand/model/type-content-lastupdate (further information in the Guide) [OK-935]
  • Create a marketingCode based on a distinct configuration (e.g. for further use in other services) [OK-329]
  • Improve usage of the ETag header to prevent unnecessary catalog calls (Level 1 options for a type) [OK-734]
  • Improve usage of the Etag header to prevent unnecessary catalog calls (Levels 2 types, models, brands) [OK-834]
  • Load a distinct vehicle configuration from a marketingCode with fixed BASETYPE and MODEL [OK-328]
  • Load a non-distinct vehicle configuration from a marketingCode [OK-619]
  • Load a vehicle configuration from a marketingCode with change in BASETYPE and CARLINE [OK-620]
  • Request brands and countries with query parameters language and product_data_key [OK-912]
  • Use multiple applications and multiple X- and I-Set for one country [OK-248]

2020-07-20 - Further bugfixes

  • Bugfix: operation/solve returned option with no code and id [OK-954]
  • Bugfix: operations/configure returned type options belonging to invalid modelyear as valid [OK-963]

2020-07-09 - Bugfix with two model years

  • resolve/configure bugfix with two model years [OK-946]

2020-07-07 - swagger improvement

  • swagger change: change the data type of boolean query parameters to boolean instead of string [OK-907]

2020-06-16 - resolve: added query parameter extended_order=true

  • resolve: added query parameter extended_order=true [OK-878]

2020-05-04 - v2 endpoints disabled

  • v2 endpoints are no longer available [OK-819]

2020-01-09 - The release where V3 is stabilized

  • Extended the V3 WLTP endpoints with meta data (e.g. a warning if it was not possible to determine the energy efficiency class) [OK-495]
  • In V3 the error response becomes an object instead of a single errorMessage to be able to extend this in the future [OK-335]

2019-12-18 - The release with technical information at the order endpoint

  • Added content to order endpoint: receive technical description for a configuration [OK-455]
  • V3 for stand-alone requests added: configuration by code or id [OK-560]

2019-11-19 - The release with the first V3 endpoints

  • Add two-letter code for brands [OK-188]
  • Create OKAPI V3 with code is always {domain}:{name} and usable instead of UUID [OK-289]
  • First V3 endpoints: get the catalog by code as well as id (still UNDER CONSTRUCTION) [OK-187]
  • Refactor MOAPI V3 response structure (WLTP part) [OK-319]

2019-10-23 - The release with the first request without MODEL

  • MOAPI: Enrich configuration VIN response with description [OK-367]
  • new possibility: request solutions byCode without MODEL [OK-401]
  • Option BASETYPE available [OK-400]

2019-10-10 - The release with solutions as configuration aid

  • Add content to config endpoint: tags for options, for example label (de: Laschen), salesFamily (de: Verkaufsfamilien) and INTERIEUR might be available [OK-380]
  • Added config content: Images of the brands VW and VWC available only after separate enrollment [OK-362]
  • Added MOAPI content: name of the brand as additional attribute brand_name [OK-384]
  • New operations query solutions: Request solutions to convert any configuration to a buildable and distinct configuration [OK-387]
  • New operations query solutions: Request solutions to convert any configuration to a buildable configuration (might be non-distinct) [OK-255]

2019-09-24 - The release with the configuration based on price

  • Added configuration parameter custom_conditions to config/choices: Configure based on prices via maximum_price [OK-273]
  • Added content in catalog: Enrich MODEL endpoints with brand_id, brand_name [OK-352]
  • Content change error handling: more consistent and helpful error messages [OK-320]
  • New operations query solve: Request distinct configurations for any given configuration [OK-148]
  • New operations query: Request prices for a given configuration (incl. option prices) via order endpoint [OK-179]

2019-09-10 - The release with the packet content

  • Added catalog content: Options of the category PACKET can have an attribute packet_content with the included features [OK-303]
  • Added configuration content: Options of the category PACKET can have an attribute packet_content with the included features [OK-186]
  • Added content in config/choices: Option prices based on current configuration [OK-180]
  • Added query parameter additionalOptions to WLTP request with VIN or Marketing Code to determine the WLTP calculation method (Road Load Family oder Road Load Matrix) using a special YNo [OK-318]

2019-08-21 - The release with the marketing code and price type

  • Add attribut Price Type (gross|net) to catalog und config-choices [OK-263]
  • Added WLTP meta information at VIN WLTP endpoint: new field wltp_meta contains WLTP response status and message [OK-286]
  • New WLTP query: Requests WLTP values for a marketing code identified vehicle with diff list parameters [OK-157]

2019-08-15 - The release with the big background refactoring

  • Added config content: classification of options differs LOCAL_EQUIPMENT(ISET), STANDARD_EQUIPMENT and OPTIONAL_EQUIPMENT [OK-176]
  • Added configuration attribute: Set "country_code" to a configuration to enable special controls in WLTP like Energy Efficincy Class (EEK) and 0g CO2 for electric vehicles [OK-92]
  • Added query paramater to request TYPES with WLTP Spans (add ?fetchWltpSpan=true to a /v2/catalog/**/types query) [OK-69]
  • Adds static prices for catalog (options and types) [OK-178]
  • bugfix configurations: every choice is now usable (e.g. MOT, GSP, Salesgroup) [OK-90]
  • catalog: add tags for options, currently available label(de: Laschen) and salesFamily(de: Verkaufsfamilien) [OK-181]
  • catalog: Extend the type entity with the brand_id, brand_name, model_id, model_code, model_year and tags with salesGroup [OK-26]
  • Content change catalog options: make ISET options available with classification LOCAL_EQUIPMENT [OK-89]
  • Content change catalog: more than one model year possible [OK-88]
  • New operations query: Request list of images for a configuration [OK-147]
  • resolve/recover: added attributes category/code/description/classification to resolve/recover (no longer only uuid) [OK-22]

2019-06-17 - The release with some little things to start

  • Content change brands: Supply the same brands as described on the website (english names instead of german) [OK-91]
  • Content change WLTP: make WLTP Energy Efficiency Class (EEK) available (only NEDC-EEK was available so far) [OK-27]
  • New operations query: Request WLTP Span/Margin for a certain TYPE [OK-30]
  • New WLTP query: Requests WLTP values for a VIN identified vehicle with diff list parameters [OK-29]