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Release Notes

2021-09-21 - Bugfix in GET marketing_code

  • Bugfix: return old options in remove features & when type is healed add new modelyear in added options [OK-2097]

2021-09-07 - v3 Swagger now on website

  • Improvement: Swagger endpoint and swagger-doc on website are available in format openapi 3.0 [OK-2066]

2021-08-24 - New endpoints /brands and /brands/{brand}/countries

  • Added content: /configure with query optional_informations to filter forced and optional informations [OK-1610]
  • Added content: Sorting sequence row_number for TYPES [OK-1097]
  • Bugfix: GET /marketing_code returns now modelyear in options list and prices are displayed correctly [OK-2060]
  • New services: GET /brands and GET /brand/{brand}/countries [OK-1517]

2021-08-10 - New content in /configure and /wltp

  • Added content: /wltp returns coc_nr, vehicle_class and vehicle_high in response [OK-1989]
  • Added feature: /configure can be filtered with different categories [OK-1473]

2021-07-27 - New content in /order, several bugfixes

  • Bugfix internal endpoint feasibility: Added support of custom conditions one_of and none_of [OK-1916]
  • Bugfix: packet_content does not contain empty fields any more [OK-1932]
  • New content: classification and is_paket for packet content only visible for ISET option and packets [OK-1924]
  • New content: efficiency data includes wltp values on endpoint /order [OK-1895]

2021-07-13 - New content in /wltp and /marketing_code

  • Added feature: Loading SEAT marketing codes from official SEAT website [OK-1880]
  • Added information: new field ip_family on endpoint /wltp [OK-1882]

2021-06-29 - New internal service

  • New internal service: /combinations using a feasability matrix [OK-1612]

2021-06-15 - Bugfix in /order

  • Bugfix: Suppress error code in /order when the list of secondary attributes is empty [OK-1831]

2021-06-01 - Changes in /order, several bugfixes

  • Add content: merge extended_with and extended_order on /operation/order [OK-1308]
  • Bugfix: /catalog no longer provides options/types without price, if so requested by the data owner [OK-1803]
  • Bugfix: remove wrong classification of options in packet content [OK-1788]

2021-05-18 - A minor bugfix

  • Change number value response format in technical data. Decimals will be truncated and not displayed if there are no trailing decimals [OK-1823]

2021-05-04 - New content in /order

  • Added content to order endpoint: new query extended_with=efficiency_data [OK-1688]
  • Bugfix: Added missing last update timestamp when nothing has changed [OK-1741]
  • New endpoint base_configuration for TYPE with model year [OK-1238]

2021-04-20 - Minor bugfixes

  • Bugfix: /solutions - providing correct classification "LOCAL_EQUIPMENT" in case of invisible features [OK-1655]
  • Bugfix: /solutions will now return the found model when the given configuration is just missing the MODEL [OK-1483]

2021-04-06 - New content in /configure

  • Bugfix: OKAPI returns correct error message when the given Product Data Key doesn't have any data [OK-1608]
  • new content: options becomes new flag "is_visible" on /configure [OK-1435]

2021-03-23 - New query content

  • Added content to types catalog endpoints: new query possible_extension_replacements [OK-185]

2021-03-09 - Further performance improvements

  • Bugfix: MODELYEAR is no longer missing in response of endpoint GET /operation/marketing_code [OK-1588]
  • Optimization of catalog and operations endpoints [OK-1595]

2021-02-09 - Performance improvement

  • First steps towards optimization of OKAPI response time [OK-1515]

2021-01-26 - A minor bugfix

  • Bugfix: Invalid values in the request body returned a wrong error code 503 instead of a 400 bad request. [OK-1223]

2021-01-12 - Bugfix and new feature

  • /solve: new query parameter nice_to_have [OK-1274]
  • Bugfix: add okapi price type at /solutions [OK-1292]

2020-12-15 - Additional content for order endpoint

  • Added content to order endpoint: new query extended_with for e.g. technical_attributes [OK-159]

2020-12-01 - The release with filter attributes and pictures for options

  • Added content: catalog endpoints return static pictures for options (upon availability) [OK-896]
  • Added content: config and catalog endpoint responses contain filter attributes as tags [OK-272]
  • Added content: TYPEs tagGroups enhanced with TYPE description text elements [OK-897]

2020-11-17 - New multimedia information

  • /solutions: new query parameter nice_to_have [OK-1267]
  • Added content: base_configuration for multiple TYPES [OK-1150]
  • Added content: Forced multimedia information from mediabase ("Zwangsmultimedia") [OK-895]
  • Added content: solutions and marketing_code endpoints handle the query parameter extended_with [OK-1158]

2020-10-07 - The release with a new endpoint

  • Bugfix: Solutions returns an error for a request with multiple types [OK-1136]
  • New endpoint base_configuration for a TYPE [OK-998]

2020-09-22 - Added information for spider code matching (classification for paket content)

  • Added content: option classification for packet_content [OK-1068]
  • Bugfix: Preferred options are no longer returned as addOptions in the solutions response when they are selected as noneOf option as well [OK-1115]

2020-09-08 - More transparency for WLTP spans and prices

  • Added content: if no WLTP span is available for a type a warning message is given out [OK-958]
  • Allow for differentiation between zero price and no price [OK-997]
  • Bugfix: /solution with distinct=true is considering meta options (e.g. SALESGROUP) in deselect array [OK-1091]
  • Swagger change: fetch marketingCode only supported for codes generated by OKAPI (all brands) or externally generated codes from VW and VW CV [OK-1099]

2020-09-01 - Huge changes in infrastructure

  • /check /wltp /order /images /marketing_code respects maximum_price [OK-698]
  • /images: brand SEAT added [OK-831]
  • /language: added description in response [OK-718]
  • /optimize check for a configuration with a better price (depends on combined prices) [OK-682]
  • /order: added query parameter extended_order=true [OK-857]
  • /solutions endpoint doesn't heal TYPEs and/or BASETYPEs that doesn't belong to the given MODEL [OK-708]
  • Activate OR conjunction in configuration (non-distinct domains are currently too complex) [OK-271]
  • Added config content: classification of options differs LOCAL_EQUIPMENT(ISET), STANDARD_EQUIPMENT and OPTIONAL_EQUIPMENT [OK-737]
  • Added content: /order also provides STANDARD_EQUIPMENT for an order [OK-456]
  • Added content: differ between ISET options and ISET packets (is_packet) [OK-797]
  • Added content: response language code to each object [OK-724]
  • Added product data status information to the header (catalog): x-brand/model/type-content-lastupdate (further information in the Guide) [OK-935]
  • Create a marketingCode based on a distinct configuration (e.g. for further use in other services) [OK-329]
  • Improve usage of the ETag header to prevent unnecessary catalog calls (Level 1 options for a type) [OK-734]
  • Improve usage of the Etag header to prevent unnecessary catalog calls (Levels 2 types, models, brands) [OK-834]
  • Load a distinct vehicle configuration from a marketingCode with fixed BASETYPE and MODEL [OK-328]
  • Load a non-distinct vehicle configuration from a marketingCode [OK-619]
  • Load a vehicle configuration from a marketingCode with change in BASETYPE and CARLINE [OK-620]
  • Request brands and countries with query parameters language and product_data_key [OK-912]
  • Use multiple applications and multiple X- and I-Set for one country [OK-248]

2020-07-20 - Further bugfixes

  • Bugfix: operation/solve returned option with no code and id [OK-954]
  • Bugfix: operations/configure returned type options belonging to invalid modelyear as valid [OK-963]

2020-07-09 - Bugfix with two model years

  • resolve/configure bugfix with two model years [OK-946]

2020-07-07 - swagger improvement

  • swagger change: change the data type of boolean query parameters to boolean instead of string [OK-907]

2020-06-16 - resolve: added query parameter extended_order=true

  • resolve: added query parameter extended_order=true [OK-878]

2020-05-04 - v2 endpoints disabled

  • v2 endpoints are no longer available [OK-819]

2020-01-09 - The release where V3 is stabilized

  • Extended the V3 WLTP endpoints with meta data (e.g. a warning if it was not possible to determine the energy efficiency class) [OK-495]
  • In V3 the error response becomes an object instead of a single errorMessage to be able to extend this in the future [OK-335]

2019-12-18 - The release with technical information at the order endpoint

  • Added content to order endpoint: receive technical description for a configuration [OK-455]
  • V3 for stand-alone requests added: configuration by code or id [OK-560]

2019-11-19 - The release with the first V3 endpoints

  • Add two-letter code for brands [OK-188]
  • Create OKAPI V3 with code is always {domain}:{name} and usable instead of UUID [OK-289]
  • First V3 endpoints: get the catalog by code as well as id (still UNDER CONSTRUCTION) [OK-187]
  • Refactor MOAPI V3 response structure (WLTP part) [OK-319]

2019-10-23 - The release with the first request without MODEL

  • MOAPI: Enrich configuration VIN response with description [OK-367]
  • new possibility: request solutions byCode without MODEL [OK-401]
  • Option BASETYPE available [OK-400]

2019-10-10 - The release with solutions as configuration aid

  • Add content to config endpoint: tags for options, for example label (de: Laschen), salesFamily (de: Verkaufsfamilien) and INTERIEUR might be available [OK-380]
  • Added config content: Images of the brands VW and VWC available only after separate enrollment [OK-362]
  • Added MOAPI content: name of the brand as additional attribute brand_name [OK-384]
  • New operations query solutions: Request solutions to convert any configuration to a buildable and distinct configuration [OK-387]
  • New operations query solutions: Request solutions to convert any configuration to a buildable configuration (might be non-distinct) [OK-255]

2019-09-24 - The release with the configuration based on price

  • Added configuration parameter custom_conditions to config/choices: Configure based on prices via maximum_price [OK-273]
  • Added content in catalog: Enrich MODEL endpoints with brand_id, brand_name [OK-352]
  • Content change error handling: more consistent and helpful error messages [OK-320]
  • New operations query solve: Request distinct configurations for any given configuration [OK-148]
  • New operations query: Request prices for a given configuration (incl. option prices) via order endpoint [OK-179]

2019-09-10 - The release with the packet content

  • Added catalog content: Options of the category PACKET can have an attribute packet_content with the included features [OK-303]
  • Added configuration content: Options of the category PACKET can have an attribute packet_content with the included features [OK-186]
  • Added content in config/choices: Option prices based on current configuration [OK-180]
  • Added query parameter additionalOptions to WLTP request with VIN or Marketing Code to determine the WLTP calculation method (Road Load Family oder Road Load Matrix) using a special YNo [OK-318]

2019-08-21 - The release with the marketing code and price type

  • Add attribut Price Type (gross|net) to catalog und config-choices [OK-263]
  • Added WLTP meta information at VIN WLTP endpoint: new field wltp_meta contains WLTP response status and message [OK-286]
  • New WLTP query: Requests WLTP values for a marketing code identified vehicle with diff list parameters [OK-157]

2019-08-15 - The release with the big background refactoring

  • Added config content: classification of options differs LOCAL_EQUIPMENT(ISET), STANDARD_EQUIPMENT and OPTIONAL_EQUIPMENT [OK-176]
  • Added configuration attribute: Set "country_code" to a configuration to enable special controls in WLTP like Energy Efficincy Class (EEK) and 0g CO2 for electric vehicles [OK-92]
  • Added query paramater to request TYPES with WLTP Spans (add ?fetchWltpSpan=true to a /v2/catalog/**/types query) [OK-69]
  • Adds static prices for catalog (options and types) [OK-178]
  • bugfix configurations: every choice is now usable (e.g. MOT, GSP, Salesgroup) [OK-90]
  • catalog: add tags for options, currently available label(de: Laschen) and salesFamily(de: Verkaufsfamilien) [OK-181]
  • catalog: Extend the type entity with the brand_id, brand_name, model_id, model_code, model_year and tags with salesGroup [OK-26]
  • Content change catalog options: make ISET options available with classification LOCAL_EQUIPMENT [OK-89]
  • Content change catalog: more than one model year possible [OK-88]
  • New operations query: Request list of images for a configuration [OK-147]
  • resolve/recover: added attributes category/code/description/classification to resolve/recover (no longer only uuid) [OK-22]

2019-06-17 - The release with some little things to start

  • Content change brands: Supply the same brands as described on the website (english names instead of german) [OK-91]
  • Content change WLTP: make WLTP Energy Efficiency Class (EEK) available (only NEDC-EEK was available so far) [OK-27]
  • New operations query: Request WLTP Span/Margin for a certain TYPE [OK-30]
  • New WLTP query: Requests WLTP values for a VIN identified vehicle with diff list parameters [OK-29]