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Access the latest product, emission and consumption data.

The open Konfigurator API provides access to the Volkswagen AG product data.
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API overview and more

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Create your own car configurator based on the latest VW Group product data.

Related to models, product data and the determination of technical data can be complex. Therefore, this API provides you access to the latest VW Group product data and the ability to configure a car iteratively. It also enables you to determine WLTP values for a valid configuration with an integrated built check.

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API Features


  • Gather the latest product data of all supported VW Group brands
  • Configure a car iteratively, gathering the choices of options that fit at every particular stage in the configuration process
  • Determine whether a (partial) car configuration can be build, either in general or distinctive
  • Get WLTP values for a specific configuration

Supported Brands

Brand uuid Qualifier
Volkswagen Passenger Cars d3f207e5-18d8-5bd2-a5fa-a1acc05629fa VW
Audi c65e5000-a5e0-5556-89e9-172a33f8f344 AU
Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles d943e4ad-329f-5c99-904b-92098209e211 VN
SEAT fff2231f-aa29-5393-8005-552303ba30bd SE
ŠKODA e6fd03c0-13bf-5f52-aa9e-c90cc7a131d2 SK

Supported Markets

Market Identifier (ISO 3166-2)
Great Britain GB
Switzerland CH
Germany DE
Belgium BE
Denmark DK
Estonia EE
Ireland IE
Spain ES
France FR
Italy IT
Latvia LV
Lithuania LT
Luxembourg LU
Netherlands NL
Poland PL
Portugal PT
Finland FI
Sweden SE
Brazil BR
Russian Federation RU
Greece GR
Norway NO
Turkey TR

Please note:

Only officially type approved data is available.
Special equipment options (colors, engines or special-purpose vehicles (like police cars, taxi, …)) might not be supported with product data and images.